Virtual Attendance

We've partnered with our friends at Avaya and Adobe to provide a living, breathing, virtual 3D environment (think Second Life, World of Warcraft, but more CANHEIT-y) where you can attend the engaging sessions and fantastic keynotes from internationally acclaimed speakers, all while interacting with your virtual peers and other conference delegates.

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Coming to CANHEIT? You have virtual access, too.

Virtual world image

That's right, everyone who attends CANHEIT (even those who attend in person) will have access to the CANHEIT 2013 virtual world.

In the virtual world, you’ll be able to attend and participate in all sessions and keynotes, network with other CANHEIT attendees and virtual delegates, and visit the virtual vendor floor! (Hint: there will be perks to visiting the virtual world during the conference)

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Virtual Tips

  1. When talking to someone, make sure you stand beside them (like in real life!). Get too far and they won't hear you.
  2. After logging in, click on one of the session rooms or sponsor booths to have your avatar "beamed" to that location!

Questions and Answers

What tech do I need to make this work?

Our CANHEIT virtual world works on both Mac and Windows platforms (sorry, no mobile this year!) Here's what we recommend to take full advantage of the virtual CANHEIT experience:

How do I attend the sessions and keynotes?

You can attend all the breakout sessions and keynotes, the same as you would in the physical world! All the session/keynote rooms are located beyond the sponsor floor in the virtual world.

Each room carries the same name as its physical counterpart (ex: FSS 1007, VNR 1095). The only exception is that Marion Hall in the virtual world is shared with FSS 1006, so all sessions in either Marion Hall or FSS1006 will be in this room. You'll see the room numbers above the doors leading into each session room, like so:

Session Room Image

For a listing of which sessions are in which room, simply refer to the program or our mobile app!

Can I interact with sponsors?

Absolutely! We have a virtual vendor floor where 11 of our generous sponsors will be available to chat and interact with. See it for yourself!

Sponsor Floor

Why can't I change my password?

We've unfortunately disabled password resets for support reasons. For your credentials, please contact us (or, if you're actually at the conference, see the registration desk).

People are telling me my voice is cutting out

If you have access to a wired connection, we strongly recommend that you use it! If you're on wifi, try disabling any other programs or applications that may be consuming bandwidth in the background.

I am hearing echoes or others are telling me they're hearing echoes from me

For the best virtual world experience, you should be using a headset. Using the built-in microphone from your computer or laptop will often result in echoes for either yourself or others.

Why has my avatar changed?

Your virtual-world self settings are stored locally on your computer. If you change computers, you will need to re-configure your avatar.

What if I still have questions?

Ask at our virtual registration desk, e-mail us or call our canheit number 613-562-5644

Welcome to all virtual attendees!

Virtual Registration Desk

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